About UW Madison

Founded in 1848 on a cold winter day with 20 students, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has grown to become one of the largest and top ranked public universities in the world. From discovering vitamins to being the original home of the satirical magazine Onion, the students and faculty members of this university have made enormous impact at many levels. To learn more about UW, please click here .

UW-Madison has a particularly strong tradition in ion channel and transporter field. A partial list of alumni who have gone on to establish independent academic research program in the ion channels field:

  1. Erwin Neher (Physics)
  2. Indira Raman (Neurophysiology)
  3. Christopher Ahern (Physiology)
  4. Matthew Trudeau (Physiology)
  5. Zhe Lu (Physiology)
  6. Francis Villyaveetil (Biomolecular Chemistry)
  7. Lei Zhou (Physiology)