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“There is nothing-nothing at all- that compares to the exhilaration of discovery, of being the first person on the planet to see something new and understand what it means. It comes all too rarely to a scientist, perhaps just once in a lifetime, and requires years of hard grind to get there. But the delight of discovery is truly magical… it makes science an addictive pursuit.” – Frances Ashcroft.



Postdoctoral Fellowships

We welcome applications from highly motivated candidates for postdoctoral fellowships in the Chanda lab. Multiple opportunities exist for mechanistic studies and development on new technologies to study of ion channel structure and dynamics. Previous postdocs from the lab have gone on to positions in academia and industry (see Alumni page for details). For serious consideration, applicants must have some experience in one of the following areas: Molecular biology and protein chemistry, Electrophysiology, Single Molecule spectroscopy or Structural Biology.  In your letter, please provide a brief description of your past research accomplishment and your future research interests. Postdoctoral applicants should preferably contact the PI about a year to six months in advance, before their start date.


Graduate Students

Graduate students join the group through one of the four graduate training programs at UW-Madison. Baron Chanda is a trainer in:

If you are interested in Chanda lab, please make sure to apply to any of the above graduate programs. Feel free to contact the PI if you are interested in a rotation. Click here, to learn more about accomplishments of past graduate students in the Chanda Lab.



Highly motivated undergraduates who are considering going to graduate school and are looking for extensive research experience should contact the PI. If you are planning to apply for professional schools like medical school, please let the PI know when you apply. Undergrads without previous research experience are expected to commit for at least two semesters. Paid research positions are available in the summer but typically offered to undergrads who have previous research experience in the lab.

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